Why should I use a Cloud Storage solution?

We all need to store data in the cloud so that we don't lose our photos and important documents due to relocation, hard drive failure, theft or fire.

Download - why is there a limitation?

You can save all the files in the cloud storage that you need, but if you have to download them again, you use up your download capacity. To make our solution as cheap as possible, we have limited how much you can download each month - but don't worry, if you run out, you can always buy more download capacity for a small surcharge. For example, 5 GB download corresponds to approx. 2,000 images.

CO2 emissions – how much can I reduce with CopenCloud?

The CO2 emission savings you can achieve with CopenCloud depends on various factors, such as how often you access your long-term storage and where in the world you are. But for most of our users, the emission will be able to be reduced by approx. 90% compared to similar cloud services. Try our CO2 calculator at CopenCloud.com and see how much CO2 emissions you can prevent each year.

Security - is my data safe in Grøn Cloud?

Yes, definitely. CopenCloud is built for Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure, which is recognized within the market. The worldwide data centers have incorporated the latest security in the form of Cloud Guard, database security, disaster recovery and much more. The system is constantly tested in relation to reliability and performance, in order to protect your data optimally. In addition, we have added an extra layer of protection on top (AES-256-CTR) so that your data is double encrypted.

What can I store in long-term storage?

All the data that you don't need now and then can be saved in long-term storage, and it only takes a few hours to retrieve it again if you need it.

Why do some prices look skewed?

All our prices are calculated in euros, and then converted to Danish kroner - for the sake of our Danish customers. The prices in kroner can therefore appear slightly skewed, as it is the exchange rate that determines the amount.

How green is CopenCloud?

All data is stored in brand new data centers that are powered by 100% renewable energy. For the data stored in long-term storage, 90% of the power consumption is saved compared to immediate storage.

How long does it take to retrieve data from long-term storage?

It usually takes one to two hours from the time you click "Restore" before your files are ready for use. Depending on the file size, it may vary slightly, but it takes a maximum of four hours.

How long do I have to retrieve my files in long-term storage after they are "thawed"?

Once your files are available for moving from the long-term storage, 24 hours pass before they are "frozen" again. On the platform, you can choose to be notified via email when your files have been "thawed".

Why do my folders appear with light text and icons?

We use a function that only retrieves your data when you click on the folder. In this way, we save power both in the data center and at your home.

Why am I logged out after 15 minutes?

If you have not been active on the platform for 15 minutes, you will be automatically logged out, for safety and to save electricity.

Does CopenCloud meet the GDPR regulations and the Privacy Shield decision?

Yes of course. Our European users' data is stored on servers in Oracle's data center in Stockholm. In addition to the high security that already comes with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we have added an extra layer (AES-256-CTR) of encryption so that no one but the user can read his data*. should others gain unauthorized access to the data, it will be completely unreadable. With this method, we comply with the GDPR regulations, the Shrems-ll decision regarding the Privacy Shield agreement and the Danish Data Protection Authority's cloud guidance (see example 8, page 24). https://www.datatilsynet.dk/Media/637824109172292652/Vejledning%20om%20cloud.pdf

*Relevant authorities will, however, in accordance with current EU legislation, be able to access a user's data with a court order.

What happens when my crowdfunding package expires? (For crowdfunding customers only)

When the package you have purchased during our crowdfunding campaign (thank you very much for your support!) is about to expire, we will automatically notify you via email. If you would like to continue using CopenCloud, you must create a monthly subscription with the discount percentage that you have earned through the crowdfunding purchase. You set yourself how much space and download you want, although of course there must still be room for the data you already have lying around.

Which Cookies does CopenCloud use and for what?

Necessary cookies help the platform to enable basic functions such as page navigation and language selection. The platform cannot function properly without these cookies.

We do not use any third-party cookies such as Google Analytic and Facebook pixel.