Why choose a Cloud Storage solution?

The integrity of your data can be threatened in many different ways: hardware failure, fire, and both physical and digital theft. CopenCloud can help ensure that your data is never lost. The 3-2-1 backup strategy suggests that data is best kept safe by keeping three copies. The copies should be stored on two different types of storage media and one copy of the data should be sent off site – this is where we come in.

Why is there a limitation on download? (Webshop customers only)

When you acquire data storage through our webshop, there is a limit to how much data you can download each month. If you need to exceed this limit, you can always acquire more download capacity to suit your immediate needs, for a small surcharge.

How much can I reduce CO2 emissions with CopenCloud?

The CO2 emission savings you can achieve with CopenCloud depends on various factors, such as how often you access your Cold Storage and where in the world you are. But for most of our users, the emissions can be reduced by approx. 90% compared to similar cloud services.

Is my data safe with CopenCloud

Your data is very safe with us. CopenCloud is built with ‘secure by design’ principles to ensure optimal safety. The system is constantly tested in relation to both reliability and performance. In addition to the high security already included in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we have added an extra layer of encryption (AES-256-CTR), so no one but the user can read the data. (Exception: relevant authorities may be given access to specific data with a court order, in compliance with EU legislation.)

What can I store in Cold Storage?

All the data that you don't need to access often can be saved in Cold Storage, where it takes a few hours to retrieve when needed.

How green is CopenCloud?

All data is stored in brand new data centers, powered by 100% renewable energy. For the data stored in Cold Storage, 90% of the power consumption is saved compared to Hot storage.

How long does it take to retrieve data from Cold Storage?

It usually takes 1-2 hours from the time you click "Restore" before your files are ready, but for larger files it may take up to 4 hours.

How long do I have to retrieve my restored Cold Storage files?

Once a file in Cold Storage is fully restored, it is available for 24 hours before becoming locked again. On the platform, you can choose to be notified when your restored files are ready for retrieval.

Why do my folders appear with light text and icons?

We use a function that only retrieves the information when you click on a folder. This way, we save power both in our data center and at your end.

Why are inactive users logged out?

Inactive users are automatically logged out after 15 minutes. This is both an extra security measure and helps to save power.

Does CopenCloud use cookies?

We only use cookies necessary for basic functions such as page navigation and language selection. The platform would not function properly without these. We do NOT use any third-party cookies at all.